Introduction of Slag

Slag is to place the molten state of blast furnace slag into the water to cool rapidly formed, and includes slag water quenching and blast furnace water quenching two ways. When blast furnace slag produced by the blast furnace pig iron and calcium silicate, calcium aluminosilicate melt dominated by water quenching granulated materials, referred to as slag, water quenched slag. When the furnace temperature reaches 1400-1600 ℃, the charge melted ore gangue and coke ash and other cosolvents can not enter the formation of impurities in the iron silicate and aluminate-based slag, which The main components of CaO, SiO2, Al2O3.

Technological Process of Slag

Slag is the waste residue of blast furnace slag waste residue after rapid cooling in the water, which in the past are abandoned, but now could be used as raw materials for the concrete and cement after grinding by slag grinding mill. Slag has potential hydraulic gelation properties, after the slag micro powder grinding machining,with the action of excitation agent such as cement, lime and gypsum, can be used as high quality cement raw material. Winnermac produced blast furnace slag grinder mill can process slag into fine powder of 325 mesh with a fully utilized. Winnermac take configuration for the user a full set of slag powder production process, containing equipment that can dry and crush, grind, carry and lift raw slag. Winnermac slag powder grinder mill has vertical structure, less occupied area, and the host transmission device adopts enclosed smooth transmission gear box. Materials of all important parts of the mill use the high quality steel, circuit system adopts centralized control, advanced reasonable selection, high degree of automation. Vibrator feeder has small volume and light weight, easy to adjust and maintenance and powder save.

Application Fields of Slag

Slag as the construction materials is used in the production of cement and concrete, because has the potential hydraulic cementitious properties, under the agent role cement clinker, lime, gypsum and other excitation can be used as high-quality cement raw material, can be made: Slag cement, gypsum slag cement, lime slag cement, slag bricks, slag concrete, etc., also be used as a raw material for environmental production of cement brick.


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