Introduction of Shale

Shale rock, a kind of sedimentary rock, with complex composition and thin layer texture, is mainly made by clay deposits under high-temperature, mixed with quartz, feldspar debris and other chemicals. You can also say that it is a clay rocks that easy to crush and split into distinct rock formations. In addition to the main component of clay minerals, it contains authigenic mineral debris, with sheet-like bedding. Hit with a hard object, easily splintered, shale rock formed after compaction, dehydration, and recrystallization. Thus clays and shales tend to be impermeable, so they often become impermeable layer in the distribution of groundwater.

Technological Process of Shale

With its good characteristics, crushed shale rock has got a rapid development and application in recent year. It is mainly as add material in the new type large-scale production of bricks and tiles plant. In view of the shale characteristic, after a long investigation, Winnermac designed and successfully developed the utility model product - shale crusher can easily crush shale, sandstone, coal cinder and so on. The crusher has remarkable use effect to do better in crushing coal gangue and shale. As the largest shale crusher manufacturer, Vipeak provide customers with technology of crushing and milling sandstone, shale, propylite, gypsum, and do integrated comprehensive guidance in the design of production line.

Application Fields of Shale

Shale rock is mainly used to produce building ceramsite, or use of shale ceramsite as skeleton light set, adding ceramic sand, slag or fly ash and other industrial waste, using cement as cementing materials, the production products have characteristics of light weight, insulation, energy saving, etc..Using the product as a building wall materials will be very energy efficiency. It has been tested that heat transfer coefficient of ceramsite block wall thickness 40cm is equivalent of 1.48 m thickness of clay solid brick wall. Energy conservation and heat preservation effect are very significant.


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