Introdution of Power Plant Desulphurization

There are a variety ways of power generation such as nuclear power generation, hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power as well as thermal power generation, but the later still accounts for a sizable proportion in China and other countries. From the perspective of environmental protection, exclude uncertainties of nuclear power, thermal power generation is the most polluted way. The main component of coal is carbon which is accounting for about 60-80%, followed by is ash sulfur hydroxide in water which is accounting for about 20-40%, during combustion of the coal, sulfur is generating the largest pollution, and it will produce the sulfur dioxide when incomplete combustion, seriously pollutes the environment and to generate acid rain lead to water pollution. Why do we say “grinding mill is the environmental defender of thermal power plants”? The reason is it can effectively deal with the pollution produced by coal combustion emissions from sulfur. This is what we say the “power plant desulfurization”.

Technological Process of Power Plant Desulphurization

Desulfurization power plant uses grinding mill to process limestone powder for calcinations’ fully reaction. “Limestone/lime-gypsum” grinding process is the most widely used and stable way for desulfurization with efficiency above 95%. More than 90% of the large thermal power plants in the world (such as Germany, Japan) uses wet limestone/lime-gypsum flue gas desulfurization process. At present, sulfur removal by limestone is a kind of FGD process method which is the most widely used for high-sulfur desulfurization of which rate more than 90%, for low-sulfur desulfurization rate is over 95%.Vipeak provided limestone desulfurization grinder mill is offering high quality limestone power for power plant desulfurization and has enjoyed a good reputation in customers.

Application Fields of Power Plant Desulphurization

The main way that emissions sulfur dioxide in thermal power plant includes coal washing, clean coal combustion technology, through burning low-sulfur coal and flue gas to get desulfurization. Coal washing can only remove part of inorganic sulfur in coal, there is no economically feasible removal technique for the organic sulfur in coal at present. It is difficult to achieve effective control method of coal washing sulfur dioxide emissions target. Clean coal combustion is one new technology which developed in nearly 10 years in the international, although the industry developed countries has mature technology commercialization at present, stand-alone capacity is not large; moreover, clean coal combustion technology has large investments and high technical requirements, so it’s hard to promote use of in a large area during a short time in a country. Secondly, the combustion mode of coal is very differ from conventional boiler combustion, without replacing the boiler, the clean coal power generation technology is difficult to be used to solve the problem of power plant environmental protection. However, the flue gas desulfurization technology is more mature. Therefore, in the future for a long time, flue gas desulfurization is the key and effective way to control flue gas desulfurization in thermal power plant.


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