Introduction of Kaolin

Kaolin, a kind of nonmetallic ore, clay mineral is its main element. High quality kaolin is white, like mollisol, with good plasticity and fire resistance. Main elements of kaolin are kaolinite, halloysite, hydromica, illite, montmorillonite and quartz, feldspar. Mst of Kaolin is lacklustre, based on different elements and impurities, it could appear in grey, yellow, brown and other colors. Kaolin could be soil block and rock shape. Its density is 2.54-2.60 g/cm³, melting point is 1785℃. Kaolin has plasticity, wet kaolin can be shaped to different type and wouldn’t be crushed, and it can remain unchangeable for a long time. Currently there are 700 mineral occurrences in China, 200 of them explored reserve reaches to 3 billion tons. 1.67 billion tons coal series kaolinite is distributed in northeast and northwest of China, and it exists in coal seam, single mineral seam.

Technological Process of Kaolin

The boom of kaolin market makes many enterprises starting to invest in kaolin processing and exploiting industry. Now all applications need kaolin grinding mill machine to process kaolin into fine powder to mix with other material. Regular powder milling machine which used to process kaolin to 400 mesh are Raymond mill, high pressure medium speed grinder and superfine V type grinder mill, kaolin could be processed to 80-400 mesh. Winnermac Kaolin powder grinding mill is constituted by jaw crusher, bucket elevator, vibrating feeder, main machine, classifier, dust collector, pulse dust removal system, air compressor, electrical apparatus control system, and other mating machines. The grinding machine has unique crushing cavity structure and advanced classifier to guarantee superfine powder making. Grinding milling machine can process kaolin, calcite, ash calcium powder and other material which has high requirement on whiteness, it can ensure high whiteness and high fineness of final product.

Application Fields of Kaolin

Kaolin has characters like high whiteness, soft, good plasticity, good caking property and good electrical insulation property; it also has good acid resistance and fire resistance. Therefore, kaolin has been applied in paper making, ceramics, rubber, chemical engineering, coating, medicine and national defense. It is reported that Japan was about to use kaolin to replace steel to manufacture cutter, lathe bit and internal combustion engine shell. Especially in recent year, with modern technology fast developing, kaolin has been applied in more industries, in some high-tech area, kaolin is applied as new material, even atomic reactor, and high temperature resistant porcelain parts of space shuttle and spacecraft are made from kaolin. High quality coal series kaolinite could be applied in paper making industry after beneficiation, fine grinding, and calcining process. Final product has complete schistose structure, good porosity, reasonable final size range and excellent scattering. Meanwhile, it has high whiteness, low abrasion, good oil absorbency, it’s a good paint and pigment, which is used to be finishing coat of coating in paper making industry. Application of kaolin can save cost, increase the quality of paper and absorptive of printing ink, kaolin product has good consistency with other material and kaolin has high viscosity and concentration.


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