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Function and General Information about our Sawdust Flash Dryer: Why to Dry Biomass Materials?
Fresh wood log or wood sawdust contains too much moisture. In certain circumstances the moisture can be evaporated so easily that wood materials will be shrunk,cracked,bent or even mildewed, and thus wood pellets or briquettes density and quality will be badly affected.That’s why drying machine is necessary prior to the pelletizing or briquetting stage. We offer two kinds of drying machines which are rotary drum dryer and pipe dryer. Generally speaking, the proper moisture content for creating qualified pelles or briquettes is 8%-15%.

About Sawdust Flash Dryer:
Pipe dryer, known as flash dryer or air current drying machine, is not a bad choice for drying biomass materials to the required moisture content. It is the most inexpensive type drying machine nowadays in biomass industry but with the same drying effect as Rotary Dryer. The whole body includes air boiler, hopper, cyclone separator, fan blower and drying column. Pipe dryer can be used for drying various types of small and light biomass materials such as wood chips, wood sawdust, corn stalks, rice hulls, etc. with their diameter less than 3mm.
Pipe Dryer Features
1. Wide application. Not only for biomass fuel producing,but for drying materials in chemical, pharmacy,building industry.
2. Low cost, good drying effect. Invest in a little money but get considerable profits.
3. Can dry material with moisture content of below 55% and diameter of less than 3mm.
4. Low energy consumption, low noise. Easy to install and maintain.

Flash Dryer, also known as the Pipe Dryer, Pipeline Dryer,Air-flow Dryer,Vertical Dryer,etc

Pipe Dryer Technical Parameter:

Model Power Capacity Reduced moisture
TRM—QLHG22 5.5kw 380—560kg 10—15%
TRM—QLHG36 7.5kw 500—700kg 15—25%


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