Introduction of Construction Waste

Construction waste and building rubble is generated during demolition and reconstruction, laying or removal of the construction unit, individual buildings, structures, pipe system and so on. Classified by generating source, construction waste can be divided into engineering muck, renovation waste, demolition waste, and mud; classified according to the composition, construction waste can be divided into the muck, concrete blocks, rubble, brick fragments, waste mortar, mud, asphalt block, waste plastic, scrap metal, scrap wood and so on. These raw waste materials are no help for the building, but it is a substance produced in the course of construction, needs for appropriate treatment, so to achieve the desired construction projects.

Technological Process of Construction Waste

Large construction waste crushing plant mainly direct at bulk materials, with high yield, simple operation and easy to maintenance. Currently the more suitable building waste crusher on the market is called joint integrated crushing and screening equipment - stationary crushing&screening stations, and tire type mobile crushing&screening station. Winnermac Construction waste mobile crusher station uses advanced construction waste disposal technology, to make the construction waste, industrial waste, coal cinder, coal rock, slag, fly ash, building materials, non-metallic solid waste and other waste processed. It can be used to produce various types of compliance with quality test specification new building materials. According to the difference device configurations, the construction waste’s effective utilization can reach 80-100%, there is no secondary pollution, to achieve environmental effects of near-zero pollution and zero release. Winnermac mobile construction waste mobile crushing station set feeding, crushing, transfer, processing, re-processing and other technology equipment as a whole. Through different devices combined into a powerful mobile production line and complete more demand of construction waste processing operations. The unit has advantages of reasonable structure optimization, the lighter and versatility, overcomes the defects of device components separately placed space occupied by large and decentralized operations complex. Achieved by the traditional "building materials → Buildings → construction waste" to "building construction waste materials → Buildings → nascent renewable raw product" new building materials industry chain and circular economy, changing the operating mode of production of low-carbon economy.

Application Fields of Construction Waste

With the accelerating of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry also rapid developed, accompanying the construction waste is increasing. Construction waste number in China as accounted for more than one third of the total municipal solid waste. China is in a period of rapid development of economic construction, and produce several million tons of construction waste inevitably every year. If processing and utilization not in time, it could generate bound to social, environmental and resources will be adversely affected. Abandoned buildings concrete and brick producing coarse and fine aggregate it can be used to produce the corresponding strength grade of concrete, mortar or preparation, such as brick, siding, floor tiles and other building materials. Crushed muck can be used for road construction, pile filler, basic foundation and so on. Construction waste can be processed as recycled aggregate concrete road for the preparation of recycled concrete also.


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