Introduction of Barite

Barite is a common minerals containing barium, with barium sulfate as main component. It is originated in epithermal veins, such as quartz-barite vein, fluorite-barite vein, etc., often co-exist with galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, cinnabar. Barite can also be produced in sedimentary rocks and appear as nodular, often found in sedimentary manganese deposit, neritic shale and sand sedimentary rock. In eluvial deposits within the residual clay weathered overburden, it often in shape of knots and block. Barite crystals is in the form of arge tubular, when crystal together sometimes can forms rose shape or forked crystal block. This is called coronary capillary barite. Pure barite is colorless transparent, sometimes white and pale yellow with glass luster.Barite

Technological Process of Barite

After grinded by barite powder grinding mill, the products are mainly used in petroleum, chemical industry, paint, packing and other industrial departments, 80~90% used as mud weighting agent in the oil drilling. Winnermac barite grinding machine is on the basis of traditional Raymond mill, improved and become a new generation of milling equipment which is the most commonly used industrial pulverizing mill. Working principle of barite grinding mill: After being crushed to requested size, barite material will be taken to storage hopper by elevator, then vibrating feeder will convey material evenly and continuously to main machine grinding chamber, under the force of centrifugal, grinding roller swing outward and press on grinding ring, shovel blade scoops material up to gap between roll and ring, grinding roller rolls to grind material. After being grinded, fine powder will be taken to classifier to be classified, coarse material will fall down to be reground, standard fine powder will go to finished product cyclone collector and discharged by discharge powder tube.

Application Fields of Barite

Barite powder can be used as white pigment (we also known as lithopone), also be applied in chemical industry, paper making, textile and packing. In the glass production, it can act as fluxing agent and to increase the brightness of glass, especially main used as fillers in the drilling industry and refined barium. In addition, barite powder can also be applied to lithopone pigment, all kinds of barium compounds, packing industry, cement plant mineralizer, X-ray protective cement, mortar concrete, road construction, and many other fields. Mixed barite and oil coating on the cloth base to make oilcloth; grinded barite powder can be also used for making refined paraffin, getter and binder of television and other products' vacuum tube. Barium and other metal (aluminum, magnesium, lead, calcium) can be made into alloy used in bearing manufacturing.


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