Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer

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Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer can be simply called the EFB Rotary Drum Dryer, which is the rotary dryer with characteristics as following:
1Easy operation, stable structure.
2 Small investment, quick gains.
3 Fuel can be adapted to coal, oil, gas.
4 Professional manufacture.
5 CE, ISO SGS approved.
6 Easy operation and maintance.

The brief introduction of the Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer  , EFB rotary drum dryer:
Our Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer is specially used in drying EFB and popular among customers in Malyasia and Thailand.
So far, we've already erected nearly 10 plants in Malaysia. The good performance of our rotary dryer can well guarantee the final moisture of final EFB, which is very popular among the market.

The structure ferature of the Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer , EFB rotary drum dryer:
The palm dryer mainly include feed inlet, heat furnace, filter cartridge, rotating cylinder, material conveyor, cooling cylinder and discharging port. The rotating cylinder, which is installed on the driving roller, moves in low speed depending on the motor and slow transmission. Feed inlet is in between the heat furnace and rotating cylinder and there is stir blade in the rotating cylinder. The baffle with a ostiole is on the connected place of the rotating cylinder and filter cartridge. One end of the filter cartridge is connected with the rotating cylinder.

Components of Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer ,EFB fiber rotary dryer:
All the equipments of EFB fiber rotary dryer consist of feeding system, heating system, trasmission system, driving system, discharging system, dust catching system, electricity control system.
Features of the Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer ,EFB fiber dryer:
1. High drying strength, as the materials are highly decentralized in the airflow, granules' all surface area is the drying effective area.
2. The drying time is short.
3. Flash/Pneumatic dryer's structures are simple, cover an area of a small area, easy to build and repair.
4. Large handling capacity, high thermal efficiency. When dry the unbound water, the thermal efficiency can reach 60%.
This is only a brief presentation of our EFB palm rotary dryer, If you have interest on our products, we warmly welcome you to contact us at any time, we promise to provide you with the best quality as well as the top-level services.

Technical Parameter of Palm Fiber Rotary Dryer:

Intake air temperature 
Φ800*8000 3.8 3-5 ≤700 0.8-2.0 3.5
Φ1000*10000 3.8 3-5 ≤700 1.0-3.5 5.6
Φ1200*10000 3 3-5 ≤700 1.8-5 14.5
Φ1500*14000 2.08 3-5 ≤800 3.3-7.5 17.8
Φ1800*14000 2.08 3-5 ≤800 5-9 22
Φ2200*16000 4.7 3-5 ≤700 6-12 36
Φ2400*18000 4 3-5 ≤800 10-15 52


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