Metal Crusher Shredder

The scrap steel crusher is using the kinetic energy generated by the high-speed rotation of the rotor hammer to shredder the waste steel to get the pure steel material with a certain size. During the shredding processing, the rust and paint on the surface will be removed and the ferrous and non-ferrous materials will be collected separately by the magnetic system.

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1. High acquirement;
2.The chemical composition of molten steel is stable, with low sulfur and phosphorus content;
3. Shortened smelting cycle;
4. Prolonged using life;
5. Air pollution and slag reduction;
6. Reduction of power consumption of steel water.

Working principle:
Using the shredding machine to shred the scrap steel and the sorting system to separate the shredded scrap steel to get the pure scrap steel block. The working principle is that under the continuous high speed drive and large torque motor, the hammer on the crusher rotor alternately strikes the waste steel into the capacitance cavity. Under the strong impact action, the waste steel is torn and squeezed into a certain specification of broken steel, which can be obtained with high purity and high quality.

scrap crusher recycling machine is large-size solid metal materials crushed to the required size of the professional machinery. According to the size of material to be broken can be divided into coarse crusher, intermediate crusher, atomizer mill, ultra-fine grinding machine. This machine is mainly composed of worm gear motor, enclosure, rack, combination screw tooth cutter, drive shaft, driven shaft, large gear, pinion and other parts. In the crushing process, there are rolling, cutting, impact, grinding applied to the object. Rolling is mainly used in coarse and medium crushing and suitable for crush of hard materials and large materials. Cutting is mainly used in fine crushing and suitable for crush of ductile materials. Impact is mainly used in medium crushing, fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding and suitable for crush of brittle materials. Grinding is mainly used in fine grinding, ultra-fine grinding and suitable for crush of dead small and fine particles. The actual crushing process is the simultaneous effect of several outside forces.

Main Features of scrap crusher recycling machine
1.Computer monitoring,PLC control,safe and efficient,save labor.
2.Shock absorption,noise reduction,dust removal,spray and other comprehensive environmental protection configuration to avoid the two pollution.
3.Adopt multistage sorting.The separation rate is higher,and the economic benefit is greatly improved.
4.After crushed into small piece, then it is easy for transportation and also for sake of recycling for reuse purpose.
5.The users can adopt different allocations according to the materials species, scale,and the requirements of the finished goods.
Raw material of scrap crusher recycling machine
Car water tank, waste gasoline barrels, oil barrels, diesel barrels, a series of paint buckets, bicycles, car fuel tank, paint bucket waste, bicycle racks, Waste aluminum, automotive radiators and other medium-sized scrap metal.


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