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Brief Introduction of Autoclave

Main Purpose of Autoclave:
 The autoclave is applicable for curing the cut body under high temperature and high pressure, and is also applicable for curing the autoclaved brick under high temperature and high pressure.

  Brief introduction of autoclave for AAC plant:

Autoclave is the key equipment in the production of AAC Block Production Line( Autoclave Aerated Concrete Block Production Line), which has a widely application in building material factory to autoclaved cure different kinds of building materials.  

This autoclave is made of steel and in horizontal barrel shape. The autoclave is made from a whole piece of 16 Mnr,the flanges of this autoclave are forged wholly of16Mnr, weld beads of pressure parts are executed for heat treatment and damage free test. 

Autoclave belongs to pressure vessel which has explosion risk. According to the supervision regulation on safety technology for pressure vessel on divide standard of pressure vessel, the product is part of first and second class pressure vessel. Before putting into operation, the end-user must register in the local boiler and pressure vessel safety supervision organization and acquire the operation permit, at the same time it must accept supervision and inspection. 

Application of autoclave for AAC plant:

The autoclave is a kind of large-scale steaming and Curing equipment, apply for steaming and curing silicate brick, pulverized coal ash brick, slag brick, add the soil concrete build a piece, the cement steel pipe driven in as piling as well as other cement product.  Simultaneously also widely uses in professions and so on glass intensive processing, lumber, rubber product, thermal insulation material, medicine, high strength gypsum, fishing net stereotypia. The autoclave structural style for the steel system horizontal type tube design, the entire cauldron body picks completely the 6MnR steel plate volume system becomes, the cauldron body flange, the cauldron cover the flange to use the whole 16MnR forging processing to become. The bearing part welded joint presses GB150-1998 "Steel Pressing Pressure vessel" and so on the profession standards to carry on the strict X light lossless examination and the heat treatment.The welding lines of pressed components are subjected to heat treatment and strict with non destructive test. The max design pressure reaches 1.65 Mpa.

The technical parameter of Autoclave for AAC Plant:

No. Size
Max designed pressure
Working pressure
Designed Temperature Working temperature Working medium External Dimension device size 
1 2x21 1.4 1.3 198.34 194.13 Saturated steam 22.12x2.6x2.973
2 2x27 1.6 1.5 200 200 Saturated steam 28.12x2.6x3.211
3 2x30 1.6 1.5 200 200 Saturated steam 31.12x2.83x3.211
4 2.85x26 1.65 1.5 205 205 Saturated steam 27.4x3.595x4.504
5 2.85x39 1.65 1.5 205 205 Saturated steam 40.4x3.595x4.504


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