Aluminum wire copper rice machine

Waste cables are put into the equipment, crushed into copper rice and plastic fragments, and transported to the separation part of the equipment through a high-pressure fan or conveyor, and the dust on the materials enters the dust collector through the air duct. The crushed materials are separated under the action of airflow and vibrating sieve. Copper rice and plastic skin fragments are sent out from different outlets respectively. The front and rear outlets of the equipment are equipped with small vibrating screens for secondary separation of the separated materials, thereby improving the recovery of materials. of purity.

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Aluminum wire copper rice machine Structure:

Aluminum wire copper rice machine (dry Aluminum wire copper rice machine) is specially designed for all kinds of waste cables, automobile circuit wires, communication cables and other cables of various grades and various miscellaneous cables that are not suitable for processing by wire stripping machines. After that, vibrating screen and specific gravity sorting can separate copper and plastic. The equipment is an integral combined structure, which is convenient for installation, debugging, and transportation (the customer can produce it after the power is turned on after purchase), and its performance is stable.

Aluminum wire copper rice machine Application:

The Aluminum wire copper rice machine is a machine used to crush waste copper wire and separate copper from plastic. Because the separated copper is like rice grains. So it is called Aluminum wire copper rice machine. The Aluminum wire copper rice machine is a kind of environmental protection machinery.

Working Principle of Aluminum wire copper rice machine:

1. The equipment adopts an integrated structure of crushing and separation, which saves space and has stable working performance. 2. The fully enclosed production structure has a good dust removal effect. 3. The operation is simple, one-time feeding, completed by a single machine, and the labor cost is low. 4. The output material has high purity and high recovery rate.


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